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Thu, December 1, 2022 | 18:22
Jehovah’s Witnesses Welcome All to 2015 “Imitate Jesus!” Convention
Date : 2015-06-24 / Hit : 8473
Jehovah’s Witnesses Welcome All to 2015 “Imitate Jesus!” Convention

Jehovah's Witnesses will soon hold their annual convention at Yongin Arena. They extend an open invitation for all to attend. The theme of this year's program is "Imitate Jesus!"

This year’s convention theme recognizes Jesus Christ as one of the most influential and significant men who ever lived. As Christians, a central belief of Jehovah's Witnesses is that Jesus lived his life as a model for us to follow. The "Imitate Jesus!" conventions will examine Jesus' life, as outlined in the Bible, and emphasize how all-regardless of their background, lifestyle, or religion-can benefit in practical ways from his example and teachings.

We believe that the public will enjoy the fresh presentation of significant events in Jesus’ life. This year’s program promises an interactive approach, incorporating meaningful and exciting video features that will show how we can benefit from imitating Jesus in our everyday lives.”

The convention will be held at Yongin Arena on July 24-26. All of the programs are going to be conducted in English and be given without any charge.
It will begin with the beautiful introductory music at 9:20 a.m. all three days.

For more details, please visit our web-site or contact Lim, Chan-woo at 010-3348-3848

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