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Thu, December 1, 2022 | 20:05
Doesn't AlphaGO know GO-game rule unfair
Date : 2016-03-12 / Hit : 13381
Doesn't AlphaGo know the GO-game rule is unfair?
AlphaGO cheating?

The traditional GO-game rule applies to man-to-man competition.
The traditional GO-game rule is not applicable to man-to-computer competition.
However the traditional GO rules are applying to Lee Se Dol vs. AlpahGO competition.

Why doesn't a heavy-weight boxer fight against a fly-weight boxer in Olympic game?
Why don't women athletes compete against men athletes?

Computer may need only 10 minutes to read/analyze 1,000 cases while human-being need 10 hours to read/analyze
1,000 cases.

However in this GO-game competition 3 hours the same time-limit was given to Lee Se Dol and AlphaGO.
Lee was defeated for lack of time to read/analyze.
The Go-game is not a speed game.

It is not fair as letting a fly-weight boxer must fight against a heavy-weight boxer.
At least 10 hours time-limit should have been to Lee Se Dol.

According to the GO-game rule, outsiders must not help/advise the game players.
However AlphaGo have used 1,000 computers. 999 other computers helped/advised the AlphaGo computer while nobody has helped/advised Lee.
Using 1,000 computres may against the traditional GO-game rule.

Doesn't the world famous AlphaGO know that the traditional GO-game rule is favorable to AlphaGO, unfavorable to Lee Se Dol?