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Reporter : Ko Dong-hwan
Wed, March 29, 2023 | 16:11
Seoul participates in Asia's biggest smart city expo in Taipei
The Seoul Metropolitan Government on Tuesday exhibited some of the city's best examples of how AI and other advanced future technologies can be applied to daily life during a global smart city expo in Taipei. The Seoul Digital Foundation under the Seoul Metropolitan Government and three companies selected by the city government are joining Smart City Summit and Expo (SCSE) 20...
Justice ministry waives visa extension fees for Koryoin refugees from Ukraine
Korea's justice ministry has decided to waive the visa application fee to extend the period of stay of Koryoin who fled Ukraine and entered Korea due to the Russian invasion of the country until the war ends. Koryoin is a term that refers to ethnic Koreans who, by one way or another, came to live in post-Soviet states in the central Asian region.
Jeju seaways get busy with cruise ships, new trade route to Qingdao
The waters around Jeju Island are busier than ever, as the country's No.1 tourism destination is increasingly sought by tourists and opened a new trade route with China to spur bilateral business exchanges. The economic invigoration of Jeju is marked by visits from large cruise ships and a meeting in Qingdao on Sunday between its governor and the president of China's biggest ...
Ramsar wetland in Han River cleaned up for protected birdlife
There is a tiny island on the Han River in the middle of Seoul where human entry is restricted almost all the time. Only those contracted to monitor the site twice daily and those with clearance for research purposes are allowed to visit. The island, 1.3 kilometers long and 300 meters wide, is internationally recognized for its significance in providing a natural habitat for ...
Parties remain split even after Constitutional Court OKs prosecution reform bill
Even after the Constitutional Court decided, Thursday, that a prosecution reform bill pushed by the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea (DPK) last year is legally effective despite procedural flaws, the country's two major parties remain split, criticizing each other based on the ruling.
Churches, Seoul gov't unite to fight low birthrate
The Seoul city government and Christian communities in Korea have agreed to cooperate to bolster children's daycare services to support families. The initiative hopes to overhaul the country's chronic low birthrate problem, which data shows is among the lowest in the world.
Daughter of North Korean dictator seen wearing $1,900 Dior jacket
Kim Ju-ae, daughter of North Korean leader Kim Jung-un, was recently seen wearing a luxurious jacket in a photo released by the regime earlier this month. The image illustrates how detached the dictator and his family are from a public rumored to be suffering from widespread poverty and starvation.
Food ministry refutes microcystin-poisoned rice scandal
Korea's food watchdog has refuted claims about a poisoned rice scandal that was brought up last week by environmental activists, saying the authority did not find any poison in rice samples used in a test conducted last year.
Pyongyang fires multiple cruise missiles toward East Sea
North Korea fired multiple cruise missiles toward the East Sea, Wednesday, the South Korean military said. The missiles were fired at 10:15 a.m. from Hamhung, South Hamgyong Province that flanks the country's east coast, according to the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS). The missiles were presumed to be long-range cruise missiles also known as the North Korean version of the U.S. ...
Chief news editors group selects Yonhap News TV executive as new president
Chief editors of news agencies in Korea selected their new representative on Tuesday. Choo Seung-ho from Yonhap News TV became the new president of the Korea News Editors' Association. He has been serving as the senior vice president of the state news broadcaster since 2021.
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