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Reporter : Lee Gyu-lee
Tue, September 26, 2023 | 07:55
ENA's new dating show to spotlight young adult's romance
Seeking to cash in on the popularity of dating shows in the entertainment scene, ENA's new show “Myeongdong Sarangbang,” which is interpreted as “Myeongdong Dating Room,” is set out to win viewers across generations with a retro-style blind date of young adults.
Jang Keun-suk steps out of his comfort zone with 'The Bait'
Actor Jang Keun-suk said that his small screen return after five years to play the the lead role of Ku Do-han in Coupang Play's new original series “The Bait” was a new challenge in his career to break him out of his comfort zone.
From period to action: different genre series set for February
February is expected to be filled with series of various genres, ranging from period and romantic comedy to action. TvN is debuting two new series next month, the period romance “Our Blooming Youth” and fantasy rom-com “The Heavenly Idol.”
[INTERVIEW] AOA's Chanmi finds her voice with virtual show 'GIRL'S RE:VERSE'
Singer Im Chan-mi, better known as Chanmi of K-pop girl group AOA, said that competing on Kakao Entertainment's music survival show “GIRL'S RE:VERSE” allowed her to explore her voice.
Reality show 'Family World Tour' follows celebrity families' chaotic trips
Traveling with loved ones is a delightful experience, yet it can also get stressful especially if it's in a foreign country, filled with the possibility of running into mishaps in unfamiliar surroundings. KBS' new reality travel show “Family World Tour” explores the fun but chaotic experiences of traveling overseas through celebrity families.
Four actors head for epic backpacking trip with 'Bros on Foot'
A-list stars - Ha Jung-woo, Joo Ji-hoon, Choi Min-ho, and Yeo Jin-goo - have left behind their celebrity lives for a rough backpacking road trip around New Zealand with Tving's new original reality show “Bros on Foot.” The new travel show, set to be released on Friday, follows the four actors traveling around parts of New Zealand on foot. On their trip, the four come together...
Entertainment industry races to buy rights to web novels, comics
Trans-media storytelling has become more and more prevalent, blurring the boundaries between platforms or formats through which content is presented and expanding the experiences of a single story. With this rising trend, web novels and webcomics have become popular sources to expand their stories and characters into franchises, developing multiple uses such as TV series, mov...
Kang So-ra returns to small screen with 'Strangers Again'
Actress Kang So-ra has picked up her first series in six years with ENA's new romantic comedy series “Strangers Again,” since her last small screen piece “Revolutionary Love” in 2017. “I felt more nervous than when I made my debut. Since I've taken time off (from my career), I was afraid if I could get back on track when I started working again,” the actress said during a pre...
Korean-language works win Critics Choice Awards for 4 consecutive years
Apple TV+'s original series “Pachinko” has become the Best Foreign Language Series at this year's Critics Choice Awards, making it the fourth time for a film or a series in the Korean language to win a prize at one of the acclaimed U.S. awards. The series beat eight other nominees, including another Korean-language series “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” at the ceremony in Los A...
Travel shows head back overseas with big name stars
Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, the production of many travel shows was suspended or canceled. But as travel restrictions have eased, more networks and streaming platforms are resuming the productions of such shows, but this time, with big-name stars as cast members.