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Reporter : Lee Gyu-lee
Tue, October 3, 2023 | 05:22
[INTERVIEW] 'A Time Called You' director on finding balance in making Korean adaptation
Director Kim Jin-won, who helmed the Korean adaptation, “A Time Called You,” shared the weight he felt in recreating the popular series that already had a strong fan base.
Miguel Chevalier invites audiences to interact with immersive art
French media artist Miguel Chevalier is back in Seoul with another solo exhibition “Digital Beauty 2023 Season 2” in Seoul, inviting audiences to an immersive experience of his digitally created artistic vision.
Kim Nam-gil, Lee Sang-yoon find answers to life in new MBC docuseries
Actors Kim Nam-gil and Lee Sang-yoon have joined hands to explore questions about life and find their answers on the road in the new MBC documentary “Leave Something,” which is set to air Friday evening.
[INTERVIEW] Documentary 'Free Chol Soo Lee' revisits landmark Asian American movement
For Chol Soo Lee, a Korean American immigrant in San Francisco, 1973 was the year that turned his life completely upside down, going from a 21-year-old street punk to being wrongfully convicted of murder at age 21, spending 10 years in prison.
[INTERVIEW] Ra Mi-ran finds her life as working mom mirrored in 'Cold Blooded Intern'
“Instead of feeling like I was playing this role, the life of the character Go Hae-ra did not seem to be that different from my own life.” In an overlap between art and reality, actress Ra Mi-ran finds herself deeply connected to her role as a working mom navigating career challenges after a maternity break in Tving's latest original series, "Cold Blooded Intern.”
Blockbuster action shows to comedies set to hit small screen this month
TV dramas of an array of different genres, from big-budget action shows to comedy thrillers, are ready to roll out this month. The much-anticipated second season of tvN's 2019 blockbuster series “Arthdal Chronicles” is finally set to premiere on Sept. 9.
[INTERVIEW] Lee Han-byeol on leading opening part of 'Mask Girl'
Actress Lee Han-byeol made a powerful debut in Netflix's recent original series “Mask Girl,” leaving a strong impression through her portrayal of the lead character, Kim Mo-mi, in the first two episodes.
[INTERVIEW] Disney+ 'Moving' creator found creative freedom with series
Kang Full, a popular webcomic artist, has had quite an experience where several of his creations were made into film adaptations. But this is the first time he took it into his own hands to script the series adaption of his original webcomic with Disney+'s Korean original series, “Moving.”
[INTERVIEW] Ahn Jae-hong on creating peculiar character in 'Mask Girl'
Actor Ahn Jae-hong's transformation into a half-bald, beer-bellied character in Netflix's latest Korean original series, “Mask Girl,” came as a surprise to viewers, with the actor becoming almost unrecognizable.
[INTERVIEW] Go Hyun-jung feels 'lucky' about role in Netflix's 'Mask Girl'
Actress Go Hyun-jung said she felt lucky to get the lead character role in the dark crime thriller series, “Mask Girl,” stepping outside her usual characters and breaking her sophisticated, classy image. “I really enjoy dark genre works … But I usually don't have many opportunities to show my real self in my private life and I've never shared my thoughts publicly,” she said.
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