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Reporter : Lee Gyu-lee
Tue, September 26, 2023 | 07:25
Bae Doona's new film 'Next Sohee' to hit theaters in February
The thriller drama film “Next Sohee,” starring Bae Doona, will hit local theaters next month. Production company Twinplus Partners on Monday announced the movie's local premiere, following its debut as the closing film at last year's Critics' Week in April.
'K-pop Generation' documentary to be released in January
Streaming platform Tving will release its new docu-series “K-Pop Generation” in January, the platform said, Friday. The show will cover a variety of K-pop-related stories, from the female groups of the industry to self-produced artists.
'Unique Korean ways' forged K-content's global success: Sam Richards
Triggered by a wave of K-pop phenomena like BTS, the presence of Korean pop culture on the global stage has been stronger than ever, also seeing a surge in popularity in not only its entertainment content like films and series but also in fashion, video games and food. Sam Richards, a sociology professor at Pennsylvania State University, was one of the scholars who started pa...
Park Eun-bin, Son Heung-min, Samsung's Lee Jae-yong voted 'People of the Year for 2022'
Actress Park Eun-bin, soccer player Son Heung-min, and Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Jae-yong have been named “People of the Year for 2022,” according to the recruiting platform, Incruit. The platform announced the results, Friday, of its recent survey on the most high-profile figures in three categories: entertainment, sports, and finance/business. Incruit surveyed 1,333 ...
Jay Park to host KBS' new music talk show
Singer and producer Jay Park, who is also known as Park Jae-beom, will become the host of KBS' new music talk show, “The Seasons.” The network announced that it will be launching a new music show this coming February, saying the singer will lead the first season of the program.
[INTERVIEW] Minho portrays young adults' love and work lives in 'The Fabulous'
Young adult romances and a coming-of-age story is what intrigued actor and singer Choi Min-ho, who is better known as Minho of K-pop group SHINee, to take part in Netflix's new original series “The Fabulous,” he said.
Viu Philippines executive seeks to create original stories with distinctive cultural touch
The emerging era of streaming services and digital media has prompted entertainment content to become increasingly transnational every day, going beyond borders to reach audiences worldwide. With content from all over the world now joining the competition at the global level, originality has become more important than ever.
[INTERVIEW] Lee Jun-young drawn to realistic, heartfelt story of 'May I Help You'
Actor Lee Jun-young shared his lingering feelings toward his recent MBC series, “May I Help You,” which wrapped up on Thursday, saying he was moved by its realistic, heartfelt story. “I like series with scripts that reflect realistic elements from the real world. So when I read the script for this series, I decided to take the role right away. It was interesting and I liked h...
Hani to talk about sex in series 'Fanta G Spot'
Sex has often been considered uncharted territory in Korea for discussion in TV dramas. Coupang Play's new original series, “Fanta G spot,” starring Ahn Hee-yeon, better known as Hani of EXID, intends to bring the taboo subject to the surface with a story of two friends' raunchy adventures to discovering sexual pleasure.
'The Interest of Love' to touch on realistic workplace romance
Actor Yoo Yeon-seok, known for his heartthrob roles in romance series, is leading “The Interest of Love,” which follows the realistic romantic relationship of a workplace couple. “In my previous works, the romances were devoted or one-way love. But this time, it's more realistic. This series involves different struggles and conflicts that everyone in real life might come acro...