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Reporter : Park Han-sol
Fri, September 22, 2023 | 00:48
Hit webtoon 'Lore Olympus' scores another win with Ringo Award
“Lore Olympus,” a webcomic sensation released by Webtoon, the American unit of Naver Webtoon, has taken another win - this time, with the Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Award, more popularly known as the Ringo Award. Top honors of the fifth annual prizes, established in honor of cartoonist Mike Wieringo, were announced at the Baltimore Comic-Con, Saturday (local time). “Lo...
MMCA looks back on Korea Artist Prize
The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (MMCA) has replaced its annual Korea Artist Prize with an archival exhibition detailing the award's 10-year history this year, as part of efforts to reform the award system after discovering lapses during an internal audit.
Four pioneering female authors-cum-filmmakers highlighted at MMCA Film and Video
Four female avant-garde creators whose experimental and forward-looking oeuvre has freely crossed the boundary between literature and cinema in the past century have been brought to the limelight at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (MMCA).
Splendid Habsburg art trove of 600 years lands in Seoul
Opulent European arms and armor, works of decorative art, tapestries and celebrated Old Master paintings - all hailing from the former imperial and royal court of Vienna - have landed at the National Museum of Korea (NMK) for their first-ever Seoul outing. Nearly 100 treasures on view were all amassed by and once belonged to the House of Habsburg, one of Europe's longest-live...
Everyday life seen through eyes of artists in Korea, France
The COVID-19 pandemic enters its third year and the worldwide crisis has forced a reconsideration of everything we thought we knew. The shared frustration stemming from the initial physical isolation and the widened social and economic divisions have forever changed the collective idea of what constitutes our everyday reality. Of course, the art world has been no exception.
Metalsmith's silvery wonderland takes philosophical turn
Glistening cascades of water, waves lapping on the wintry shore and a single unknown bud swaying back and forth in the gentle breeze wafting down a field of reeds ― such scenes that make up the wonders of nature have, for decades, been reborn in the silvery dreamland of Yoo Lizzy (1945-2013), a trailblazer in Korea's modern craft art.
Park Seo-bo becomes first Korean artist to join Louis Vuitton's ArtyCapucines collection
Louis Vuitton has unveiled this week its 2022 ArtyCapucines bag collection, born from the French luxury house's collaboration with six renowned contemporary artists. Among them is “Dansaekhwa” (monochrome painting) master Park Seo-bo, who became the first Korean creator to be part of the project.
Ro Eun-nim, nurse-turned-painter, dies at 76 in Germany
Germany-based painter Ro Eun-nim, who was best known for bringing to life semi-abstract representations of fish, birds, mammals and flowers on canvas as a vibrant ode to nature, died Tuesday after battling cancer. She was 76. Born in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province, in 1946, Ro made the decision to move to Germany in 1970 at the age of 24 shortly after her mother's sudden death.
Visual artist captures ephemeral candlelight as launchpad for collective solidarity
For over five millennia, flickering candles have illuminated the history of humanity with their mystical glow. For many, they have been more than just sources of light and heat against hours of darkness, signifying at times moments of spirituality as well as the remembrance of the deceased. In present-day Korea, candlelight has turned into a symbol of peaceful resistance agai...
Hanbok Culture Week 2022 kicks off in 36 cities worldwide
Hanbok Culture Week 2022, a nationwide festival held every October since 2018 to promote the beauty and history of Korean traditional clothing, began its seven-day run on Monday. This year's edition is set to be staged far beyond the confines of Seoul, with a series of hanbok-related events kicking off simultaneously across 36 major cities in 17 countries.