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Reporter : Park Han-sol
Tue, May 30, 2023 | 20:21
[INTERVIEW] Veteran US photographer gives environment 'visual voice' to chronicle climate change
In just a matter of minutes, what used to be immense continental glaciers gracing the treacherous regions of the planet are seen retreating and collapsing on screen, their meltwaters falling directly into the ocean. The time-lapse videos of ice sheets in the Arctic Circle receding at an alarming rate have undoubtedly become the quintessential visual evidence of today's climat...
Reclusive fashion icon Martin Margiela makes comeback as artist with eerie wonderland of human bodies
It has been well over a decade since Martin Margiela, who left an indelible mark on the world of fashion as the founder of French haute couture house Maison Margiela and the creative director of Hermes, left the industry for good in 2009.
ENHYPEN-inspired webtoon 'Dark Moon: The Blood Altar' surpasses 100 million views
The ENHYPEN-inspired webcomic series, “Dark Moon: The Blood Altar,” has reached 100 million views worldwide, the boy band's agency HYBE announced, Wednesday. The fantasy romance series features characters designed after each member of the K-pop septet. Each turn out to be vampires and werewolves in the story. Last September, the boy group unveiled “One in a Billion” as an ori...
Major webtoon platforms' fight against piracy
Korea's webtoon industry continues to post bullish growth - amounting to 1.57 trillion won ($1.27 billion) in sales in 2021, up 48.6 percent from the year before. But also displaying a marked rise is piracy.
$120,000 banana, praying Hitler: Infamous art world prankster Maurizio Cattelan's first Seoul outing
A ripe banana with a price tag of $120,000 duct-taped to a wall. That was enough to make the art world go bananas in December 2019, when the “ephemeral sculpture” proudly made its appearance at Art Basel Miami Beach.
AmorePacific Museum of Art brings Joseon-era folding screens to center stage
Decorative folding screens that once embellished the interiors of the royal palaces and working-class households during the 1392-1910 Joseon Kingdom have been brought to the fore at the ongoing exhibition hosted by the AmorePacific Museum of Art (APMA) in Seoul's Yongsan District.
Smiling flower, mushroom bomb, zombie: What do Takashi Murakami's grotesquely 'kawaii' creatures tell us?
BUSAN - What completed Japanese art star Takashi Murakami's already colorful look of the day on Jan. 26 as he appeared in the southern port city of Busan was his comically large headdress. A pink plush toy in the shape of Kurage-bo - a creepily endearing jellyfish boy designed by the artist for his directorial debut “Jellyfish Eyes” - resting atop his graying head already off...
Renaissance aesthetics meets surreal fantasy in Park Min-joon's oil paintings
Artist Park Min-joon brings to life surreal scenes teeming with blind tightrope walkers, masked clowns and a wooden puppet-turned-boy through an unlikely medium - oil paintings reminiscent of striking 15th-century Renaissance art. There's a splash of magical realism within his classically styled oeuvre that indeed warrants a second look - and a third.
Yun Hyong-keun's hanji works come under spotlight in Paris for first time
Late “dansaekhwa” (monochrome painting) master Yun Hyong-keun has come under the spotlight at the heart of the French capital this month with his never-before-exhibited pieces unfurled on “hanji” (traditional Korean paper made with mulberry trees).
Miguel Chevalier's psychedelic digital universe takes audience participation to next level
The kaleidoscopic digital carpet twists and turns according to the viewer's footsteps. The virtual “action painting” swirls forcefully whenever a spectator takes a stroll in front of it. For French artist Miguel Chevalier, it is the viewers' physical interaction with the digital work that brings his psychedelic universe to life.
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