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Reporter : Kang Hyun-kyung
Thu, September 21, 2023 | 23:53
Yoon's confidant to lead ruling party as acting chairman
Chairman Lee Jun-seok's defiance against a decision by the ruling People Power Party's (PPP) ethics committee to suspend his party membership for six months ended up being a storm in a tea cup. Earlier, he had threatened not to approve the ethics committee's decision in the party's decision-making Supreme Council meeting, saying that he was in charge. On Monday, a consensus h...
President Yoon's approval rating falls: poll
President Yoon's declining approval ratings have raised a red flag as they have reached the point where public disapproval of his performance in the nation's top job is actually higher than public approval of it.The latest poll conducted by RnSearch on 1,028 adults from July 2 to 4 showed that 53 percent of the respondents think President Yoon is not doing a good job, whereas...
Ruling party's odd man out
Around this time last year, Lee Jun-seok, who was then the newly elected leader of the People Power Party (PPP), had been at the peak of his career since he had entered politics in 2011. What he did and said made the nation's news headlines. The media frenzy about him is owed partly to the unprecedented record he set in Korean politics: Lee, who was then 36, is the first Kore...
'Thanks America': Korean honors fallen US soldiers
While visiting many different U.S. cities over the past five decades since he arrived in the country in 1967 as a Korean immigrant, Sung-yull Koo, 79, was surprised to learn that Korean War Monuments are almost everywhere. Even small cities and counties, with which Koreans are not familiar, have war memorials in remembrance of the bloodiest war since World War II
Ruling party's ethics committee to review chairman's sex scandal allegations
The ruling People Power Party's (PPP) ethics committee will convene on Wednesday to review allegations that party Chairman Lee Jun-seok received sexual services as a bribe in return for a favor and tried to destroy the evidence.
Family of late fisheries official to sue ex-National Security Office director
The family members of Lee Dae-joon, the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries official who was shot dead by the North Korean military in the West Sea on Sep. 22, 2020, a day after he went missing, plan to sue former National Security Office (NSO) Director Suh Hoon for obstruction of justice.
First lady meets deceased-dictator Chun Doo-hwan's widow
First lady Kim Keon-hee walks out of the front gate of the late Chun Doo-hwan's residence in Yeonhui-dong, western Seoul, Thursday. She had a meeting with Chun's widow, Lee Soon-ja, for one and a half hours, days after her visit to late President Roh Moo-hyun's widow Kwon Yang-sook in Bongha Village, South Gyeongsang Province. Yonhap
Korea's foreign minister is enthusiastic about Middle East: experts
Korea's relations with the Middle East may undergo a change, in a positive way, in the next few years, according to people who are familiar with the matter. Their optimism about Korea-Middle East ties is based on their personal experiences of the man in ch arge of the nation's foreign policy, and their testimony about him is consistent. Foreign Minister Park Jin, also a lawma...
'Watermelon' insult banned from use in Korean political party
“Subak,” or watermelon, has become a prohibited word for the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea (DPK). On Sunday, Rep. Woo Sang-ho, the interim leader of the DPK, said that he won't sit back if there are any DPK lawmakers or members who use the slang word to attack others personally. “How can you attack fellow party members like that? If you call our party leader a 'wa...
Korea pushes for trade pacts with Middle East amid geopolitical shift
What is happening in the Middle East has reminded the rest of the world of the foreign policy dictum, “yesterday's enemy can be your friend today.” Israel and the Arab countries, which had long deemed each other respective enemies due to their oppositional stances on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, have begun to recognize each other as partners. Israel normalized diplomatic...