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Reporter : Kang Hyun-kyung
Mon, December 11, 2023 | 11:29
Smart city alliance leader vows to help tech startups find overseas opportunities
TV show host and hallyu expert Park Jung-sook has returned to the public eye, this time with a new title, as the leader of a Seoul-based international association of cities and local governments seeking smart city solutions in public administration.
Cancer slows down surgeon's dream to build eco-village on Jeju
Jeju Island__ Hong Seung-jig's clinic is located on his scenic farmland seemingly in the middle of nowhere in Jeju's lush green western town of Aewol-eup. The surgeon, 64, created the farmland from scratch through his hard work since he arrived on Jeju three decades ago after being accepted as a surgeon in a local hospital.
Namkoong Min's fascinating makeover as elite spy agent
Drama fans these days are faced with a tough choice on Friday and Saturday nights, as two TV channels simultaneously broadcast two hit TV series - SBS's romantic comedy, “One The Woman,” and MBC's spy action series, “The Veil.”
A China strategy
Back in 2011, when China emerged as the world's second-largest economy, replacing Japan, there was a debate among some journalists about the forthcoming U.S.-China rivalry and its possible impact on South Korea.
Talent shows become cash cow for news channel
TV Chosun has hit another jackpot with its latest K-pop audition show. In its first episode, which aired on Thursday, the cable television channel's audition show, tentatively translated into English as, “Korea's Next K-Pop Star,” hit 16.1 percent in viewership, the highest among recent nighttime TV shows.
Ode to strong Korean mothers
Jung Young-shin's latest photo book, “Homeland Mothers,” is her tribute to the responsible, sacrificing Korean mothers who have lived selfless lives and had to overcome tremendous odds to feed their children and send them to school.
Hangeul in the age of AI: survival of the fittest?
Million-selling author Yi In-hwa's latest science fiction thriller, “2061,” published by StoryFriends, is a futuristic piece featuring the nationalistic theme of “Hangeul supremacy.” Humans and highly sophisticated humanoid robots coexist in a society powered by fully developed artificial intelligence (AI) four decades from now. Some humans and robots marry each other and giv...
'Success breeds failure': liberal critic's advice for conservative party leader
Kang Jun-man, a professor emeritus of Jeonbuk National University and a liberal political commentator, has advised conservative main opposition People Power Party (PPP) leader Lee Jun-seok to move on from being an irresponsible amateur politician to becoming a tolerant and mature politician.
Farmer of Seoul's last remaining rice growing region in upbeat mood
Farmer Kang Han-sung, 65, beamed with a smile of satisfaction, while checking with his tanned hands the ripening rice grains of the plants in his paddy, stretching far into the distance in Seoul's southwest Ogok-dong, Gangseo District. “Japanese rice varieties will be disappearing soon, as local Korean rice brands will replace them sooner or later,” he said Thursday, pointing...
[INTERVIEW] Wisdom we learned from our seven years in US
A 34-year-old author, who identifies herself only with her pen name Hae-gil, published a memoir this week about her and her parents' seven years of living as legal aliens in the United States, defining the nature of their life in the foreign land as a total failure. In the book, “Back Then, We Shouldn't Have Gone to the US,” released by Daejeon-based small independent publish...