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Reporter : Kang Seung-woo
Sun, December 10, 2023 | 10:45
Korea vows to take leading role in fighting climate change
South Korea, regarded as a late starter in moves toward attaining carbon neutrality, has unveiled ambitious proposals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, with the goal of taking a leading role in the global fight against climate change. President Moon Jae-in made the proposals in a speech at the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland, Monday (local time)....
Sim Sang-jeung, long-time labor activist, braces for toughest-ever presidential bid
Rep. Sim Sang-jeung of the progressive minor opposition Justice Party is preparing for her fourth presidential campaign in the upcoming election slated for March 9. However, for the 62-year-old, four-term lawmaker, once a household name of the progressive side, this latest presidential run is likely to be her toughest-ever as she appears less competitive than she used to be, ...
Koreans cry foul over deepening polarization in post-COVID era
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to extend into a second year, polarization and inequality have accelerated in various areas of society, emerging as a hot-button issue that the government should immediately address. Polarization was a serious global social problem before the pandemic as a result of the advent of neoliberalism following the economic crisis in the 1990s; and ...
Unification minister's rare trip with President shows Moon's determination for inter-Korean relations
Unification Minister Lee In-young will be participating in President Moon Jae-in's overseas trip, in a rare move during which he is expected to play a role in promoting peace efforts on the Korean Peninsula, according to diplomatic observers. Moon departed for Italy, Thursday, where he is scheduled to meet with Pope Francis and attend the G20 summit. Following this, the Presi...
US 'appears to have drawn a line' at South Korea's push for end-of-war declaration
Quickly developing discussions between South Korea and the United States on declaring a formal end to the Korean War appear to have hit a snag as Washington has made it clear that it cannot accept Seoul's proposal, at least at this time, according to diplomatic observers, Wednesday. Since President Moon Jae-in once again floated the idea in a United Nations General Assembly s...
Moon administration stays quiet about most North Korean provocations
The Moon Jae-in administration has refrained from firmly condemning North Korea's military provocations, a lawmaker said, Tuesday. According to Rep. Kang Min-kuk of the main opposition People Power Party, the Kim Jong-un regime has carried out provocative actions, including missile and nuclear tests, on a total of 40 occasions since President Moon took office in May 2017.
Possible papal visit to North Korea revisited
On the occasion of President Moon Jae-in's scheduled meeting with Pope Francis later this week, a possible papal visit to North Korea is once again emerging. Experts believe that the papal visit still stands a chance given that he has made many appeals for inter-Korean rapprochement, and if realized, it could play a role in establishing peace on the Korean Peninsula.
Issue of Seoul pursuing nuclear armament re-ignited
The years-long subject of South Korea possessing its own nuclear weapons is being rekindled in response to North Korea's rapid expansion of its nuclear program. The South Korean and U.S. governments have made clear their objections to the idea, but given Pyongyang's meaningful progress in the development of nuclear weapons, it is likely to remain a debatable topic in the fore...
North Korea continues slamming 'Squid Game'
North Korea has been taking jabs at South Korean Netflix megahit “Squid Game” by airing criticisms of the dystopian-thriller coming from many countries around the world. The nine-episode series, the U.S. streaming company's biggest-ever series estimated to generate $900 million (1.06 billion won) in value, features hundreds of debt-ridden adults participating in a series of d...
Is discussion of end-of-war declaration gaining momentum?
A series of moves regarding North Korea are raising speculation that talks for a declaration to officially end the Korean War are gaining momentum.According to sources, Park Jie-won, head of South Korea's National Intelligence Service (NIS), sat down for talks in Seoul, Monday, with Avril Haines, the U.S. director of national intelligence.