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Reporter : Kang Seung-woo
Sun, March 26, 2023 | 05:22
Korea needs preemptive measures against Japan's new security strategy
Japan's decision to acquire the capability to strike enemy bases is a major shift in security policy under its pacifist Constitution.
Military buildup of Japan, Australia sparks regional arms race
Earlier this year, North Korea's growing provocations with the launches of upgraded weapons sparked concerns about a possible arms race in East Asia. The North Korean threat has caused a chain reaction leading to military buildups by Australia and Japan in the Asia-Pacific region. This has intensified speculation that a regional arms race is inevitable.
US post office to be renamed after fallen Korean American soldier
A post office in Placentia, Calif. has been designated as the PFC Jang Ho Kim Post Office Building after a bill to honor a fallen Korean American service member was passed last week. Kim, who was born in Seoul and immigrated to the United States in 1990, was killed in a roadside bomb attack in Baghdad on Nov. 13, 2006, while serving as a U.S. Army private first class.
President vows to reform labor market at meeting with public
President Yoon Suk-yeol reaffirmed his decision to reform the labor market during a meeting with the public, Thursday, saying such changes are a must and not an option. “Reforms are not popular, but we have to pursue them and must not avoid them,” Yoon said at the meeting, whose purpose was to check the progress of his administration's key policy tasks and communicate with th...
Seoul, Africa seek win-win cooperation
The fifth Seoul Dialogue on Africa was held, Wednesday, during which experts explored ways to seek co-prosperity between Korea and Africa. The dialogue, co-hosted by the Korea-Africa Foundation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was launched in 2018, becoming an annual international conference seeking to gather policy proposals toward building a strategic partnership betwee...
Air Force's new squadron to boost Korea's space operations capabilities
With space emerging as a new warfighting domain today, the Republic of Korea Air Force has also joined the race, as evidenced by the establishment of its Space Operations Squadron earlier this month. Although the Air Force has had space-related units under its wing, they have been all operated separately, raising questions over their effectiveness. Maj. Kim Jong-ha, the inaug...
Korea to develop air-launched cruise missile by 2028
South Korea's arms procurement agency will launch a program to develop a long-range, air-launched cruise missile (ALCM), the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA), said, Monday. DAPA said it will spend 190 billion won ($145 million) to produce the nation's first domestically developed ALCM by 2028.
Korea becomes world's 8th-largest arms exporter
Korea made the list of the top 10 arms exporters over the last five years, while its defense expenditure was the world's 10th-largest, according to a state defense research agency, Friday. The Korea Research Institute for Defense Technology Planning and Advancement (KRIT) released the Global Defense Market Yearbook 2022, showing that its exports from 2017 to 2021 accounted fo...
South Korea warns of NK IT workers operating under false identities
The South Korean government, Thursday, released a joint advisory warning about local companies inadvertently hiring North Korean nationals in the guise of foreign-born information technology (IT) workers, as the reclusive state has increasingly dispatched highly-skilled people around the world to generate revenue to fund its weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and ballistic mis...
First batch of K2, K9 arrives in Poland
The first batch of 24 K9 self-propelled howitzers and 10 K2 battle tanks was delivered to Poland, Tuesday (local time), according to South Korean defense companies. The shipment came after Poland signed a purchase agreement in July for 980 K2 battle tanks from Hyundai Rotem and 648 K9 self-propelled howitzers from Hanwha Aerospace as well as 48 FA-50 light attack aircraft fro...
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