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Sun, January 29, 2023 | 14:55
[INTERVIEW] Busan has potential to be world-class city, mayor says
BUSAN ― Size can be a standard used to measure the global status of a city. But the mayor of Korea's second-largest city says size does not always matter, instead what is truly important is what's inside or how much potential a metropolis possesses.
Bone-chilling weather grips nation
“It feels like we're in Siberia,” numerous weather reports claimed Tuesday. This isn't a big exaggeration, as the blustering northwesterly winds from the brutally cold Russian territory hit the Korean Peninsula hard, plunging the entire country into frigid conditions. Tuesday marks the coldest day recorded in Korea so far this winter, according to the Korea Meteorological Adm...
Seoul in 2022 records clearest sky since 2008
In hindsight, the sky over Seoul in 2022 was at its cleanest in more than a decade, according to the city government. And the record, the authority said, will improve further and reach the level of advanced cities around the world.
[INTERVIEW] Eclectic pair says UN, EU aren't listening to grassroots voices
The term “global citizenship” denotes people who are no longer limited by geographical borders and who share common goals - like fighting the climate crisis or forming a solidarity movement against Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The current world order has shaped people in ways that, regardless of their nationalities, are often moved by international events and can easily moni...
Seoul gov't launches world's 1st public services platform in metaverse
Public access to the Seoul Metropolitan Government has broadened to, literally, another dimension. The city government on Monday launched the first phase of Metaverse Seoul, an online platform where people can use public services offered by the authority. The areas of assistance are limited to administrative services, economic matters, tax and education for now. The governmen...
Jeju islanders welcome waste incinerators in their backyards
JEJU - While Seoul's plan to build a new trash incinerator in the western district of Mapo has been sparking protests from residents since last year, a similar plan on Jeju Island has developed into a very different course of action: Islanders are welcoming with open arms the construction of landfill facilities and several districts competed with each other to have them right...
Seoul City unveils new incubator for fintech startups
Seoul Metropolitan Government on Friday launched a new incubator for digital financing startups. Seoul Fintech Lab II was unveiled in the city's western Mapo District by the city government's Economic Policy Office.
Do Na's resignation offer, poll popularity hint at possible PPP chief bid?
Na Kyung-won, second from right, bows to visitors at the Dongjak District Office in Seoul, Wednesday, where the ruling People Power Party members greeted the public to celebrate the New Year. Joint Press Corps.By Ko Dong-hwanFormer lawmaker Na Kyung-won has emerged as a potential candidate in the People Power Party's (PPP) leadership contest to be held in two months. Appearin...
Seoul's skyline to change as height restrictions eased
Seoul City's ambitious development plan over the next 20 years is expected to change the capital's skyline, as the metropolitan government decided to scrap a 35-story height limit for residential buildings.The 2040 Seoul City Basic Plan, announced on Jan. 5, presents the city government's new guidelines for future urban planning within the capital. The plan was motivated by t...
Health authorities remain wary of China risk
Korean health authorities are closely watching travelers arriving from China as the neighboring country is struggling under the weight of an explosion in cases of COVID-19 with its effects seemingly out of control. Initially concerned about a “twindemic,” referring to the local spread of COVID-19 and the flu, Korea is now on the brink of being engulfed by the growing incoming...
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