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Reporter : Lee Min-hyung
Wed, September 22, 2021 | 22:42
Won-dollar exchange rate faces upward pressure from FOMC, Evergrande
The Korean won is expected to continue weakening against the U.S. dollar, as concerns over Evergrande and possible talk of tapering at the next Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting could prompt investors to flock to safer assets.
Evergrande crisis to have limited impact on equity market: analysts
Korean stock markets - which were closed for the nationwide Chuseok holiday break - will experience corrections due to the rising default risk by China's Evergrande Group whose debt crisis has jolted global equity markets. However, the impact of the “Evegrande risk” should be short-lived, as key outstanding issues have already been factored in, analysts said Wednesday.
Climate crisis and finance, what should we tackle?
In the fall semester of 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic crisis which we are still struggling with, I taught a graduate-level finance class at a university. A part of my syllabus was climate crisis and finance, during which a student raised a question about the relationship between the two. As a contemporary graduate student, it might be impossible not to be aware of the re...
Banks expand retail, digital ties while cutting costs on conventional operations
Korean banks are seeking fresh revenue sources by partnering with retail and IT firms, as part of their all-out digital transformation strategy.
Financial Services Commission rejects request from banks
The Financial Services Commission (FSC) has virtually rejected a request from commercial banks and pushed ahead with the extension of a special COVID-19 financial program that waives principal and interest obligations for small business owners and the self-employed who took out loans.
Hana donates eco-friendly vehicles under ESG plan
Hana Bank donated Wednesday two liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) vehicles to a mobility startup operating a service for deaf taxi drivers to better communicate with customers.
Naver, Kakao facing uncertainty amid forthcoming regulations
Naver and Kakao, two of the nation's largest big tech firms, are at critical moments amid steep stock price falls linked to anxieties over government initiatives to monitor and regulate them, in order to moderate their aggressive business expansions based on the domination of multiple business sectors via their platforms. The liberal ruling Democratic Party of Korea (DPK) and...
Kakao's plan to acquire SM Entertainment facing uncertainties
The Fair Trade Commission's anti-trust investigation into Kakao is feared to put the brakes temporarily on the leading mobile platform operator's plans to acquire SM Entertainment.
Fears surrounding short selling escalate again
The increased short selling of Korean stocks has emerged as a major fear factor in the local stock market, amid concerns that such moves will end up restricting any growth momentum in the benchmark KOSPI.
Hana's meal box campaign
Hana Financial Group Chairman Kim Jung-tai, right, poses with Oh Seung-rok, head of Nowon District Office, after signing a partnership over the so-called “meal box campaign,” at the district office in Seoul, Monday. Under the campaign, Hana plans to provide special meal boxes to a total of 500 vulnerable households in three districts - including Nowon - in the capital city un...
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