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Reporter : Kang Hyun-kyung
Mon, December 11, 2023 | 12:45
North Korea plagued by worst famine, wary of impact
Dozens of North Korean soldiers were embroiled recently in a violent dispute with health authorities in the reclusive state, according to a defector. Citing a source, Lee Ae-ran, an expert in North Korean cuisine, who became the first defector to earn a doctoral degree in the South, said that the deadly clash occurred as the soldiers took collective action against North Korea...
US expert calls for sanctioning Chinese entities over N. Korea's missile program
A former senior official at the U.S. National Security Council (NSC) called on the Joe Biden administration to impose sanctions on Chinese nationals, companies and banks that are aiding North Korea's procurement of components necessary for the research and production of ballistic missiles.
China's facial recognition tech leads to drop in N. Korean defectors
China has played a critical role in the sharp drop in North Koreans who fled their home country after the pandemic, according to experts.
Filmmaker looks to Taiwan's manual ballot counting as solution to end stolen vote controversy
Taiwan has become a source of inspiration for filmmaker Kim Deog-young for his documentary titled, “Your Vote Is In Danger,” released on April 15. Also known by the stage name Young Kim, the filmmaker visited Taipei last year for the local elections held on Nov. 26 to learn about the island country's voting system.
Aunt, niece poised for power struggle over succession in North Korea
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's daughter Ju-ae has drawn media frenzy since she was first spotted on November 18, 2022 when she was with her father at the launch site of the Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile.
Hallyu inspires Thailand to mull ways to export its culture
“South Korea made it with hallyu. Why can't Thailand?” Nobody knows who raised that question and triggered open discussion in Thailand to find ways to spur the global popularity of Thai culture by following in South Korea's footsteps. However, the idea of exporting Thai culture has intrigued the Thai public.
[INTERVIEW] Korean chef aims to change Hong Kong's dining scene
Lee Sang-gun, better known as chef Steve in Hong Kong, was in disbelief when his name was announced as the winner of the Young Chef Award during the 15th edition of the Michelin Guide ceremony held on April 26 at the Grand Lisboa Palace in Macau.
[INTERVIEW] Former UK gang member shares hard-learned lessons to prevent youth violence
Qadar Stewart was abused at home, a bully in school and a member of a prominent London gang. Like other members of the gang, he took drugs when he was a teenager. “My first experience with drug abuse was at the age of 13 when I smoked cannabis and drank alcohol along with my friends,” he said in a recent email interview with The Korea Times. “It was seen as a traditional recr...
Korea wary of opioid abuse among teens, its deadly consequences
The 2022 Crime White Paper released in April by the Institute of Justice, a research arm of the Ministry of Justice, sheds light on the unique nature of drug crimes in Korea. In 2021, 16,153 people were arrested in Korea for drug crimes and those who were caught for possessing, using, selling or distributing psychostimulants accounted for the lion's share at 10,631, followed ...
[INTERVIEW] Korea advised not to follow US model in war on drugs
Controlled substance abuse and its fatal consequences have become a common headache for policymakers in Korea and the United States, since doctor shopping or visiting multiple physicians to obtain multiple prescriptions recently emerged as a major public health problem in Korea.
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