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Reporter : Jun Ji-hye
Mon, December 11, 2023 | 12:00
Mandatory child care leave plan criticized for being unrealistic
The government’s push to introduce mandatory child care leave, which will begin right after the end of maternity leave and no longer require approval by employers, is stirring up controversy for being impractical and unrealistic.
More schools, students brace for AI-driven classrooms
The learning environment at universities has changed a lot since the arrival of generative artificial intelligence (AI) models such as ChatGPT.
Sinan County's surprise offer to prevent local school's closure draws attention from parents
Sinan County in South Jeolla Province has been grabbing the attention of parents after its recent announcement that it will provide jobs offering more than 3 million won ($2,200) a month in addition to free accommodation to those willing to move to one of its small islands with their children.
Cabinet approves revision to allow life sentences without possibility of parole
A revision to the Criminal Act that will allow a sentence of life imprisonment without parole was approved by the Cabinet on Monday.
More than 160 schools have no new students amid record-low birthrate
More than 160 elementary, middle and high schools across the country had zero new students this year as the country experiences a record-low birthrate and at the same time, an aging population.
Fears of Chinese food products spread after video of Tsingtao worker urinating
Fears of Chinese-made food products are spreading among Korean consumers, once again, after a video went viral last week showing a worker at a Tsingtao beer factory urinating into a tank believed to contain raw ingredients.
Gov't criticized for plan to promote workers with multiple children
A heated debate is brewing over the government’s recent decision to grant additional points for promotions to civil servants with two or more children.
Seoul education office to offer support to 3 Asian countries
The education office has been carrying out the program every year since 2015 to offer teaching resources to overseas institutions that need support.
Main opposition leader to return to party affairs after monthlong hiatus
Main opposition Democratic Party of Korea (DPK) Chairman Rep. Lee Jae-myung will return to the National Assembly on Monday after a 35-day absence from party affairs.
Yoon shows firm resolve to pursue medical school quota expansion
President Yoon Suk Yeol made it clear, Thursday, that he will push ahead with a plan to raise the enrollment quota of medical schools to help stop or at least slow down deepening regional disparities in medical services and prepare for an aging society.
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