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Reporter : Jun Ji-hye
Mon, December 11, 2023 | 11:17
'We survive. We are Scouts. We don't have problems.'
SAEMANGEUM, North Jeolla Province - While the 25th World Scout Jamboree taking place in Korea has faced a torrent of bad news about heat illnesses and hygiene issues, participants are still having fun making new friends and learning about different cultures during the event.
World Scout Jamboree in Korea becomes nightmare due to mounting heat illnesses, hygiene issues
The 25th World Scout Jamboree, which is taking place in Saemangeum, North Jeolla Province, has sparked outcries from participants and their parents from around the world who are accusing the organizers of being unprepared and unprofessional.
Parents to be required to schedule meetings, phone calls with teachers
Parents will have to make a reservation before meeting with or phoning teachers, as part of measures introduced by the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (SMOE) to protect educators from facing excessive calls made by demanding parents, SMOE Superintendent Cho Hee-yeon announced Wednesday.
Should we go back to wearing face masks?
The number of daily new COVID-19 cases has increased for five consecutive weeks to surpass 40,000, with figures for seriously ill patients and deaths also showing clear upward trends.
43,000 young Scouts gather at Saemangeum for World Jamboree
The 25th World Scout Jamboree kicked off on Tuesday on reclaimed land at Saemangeum, North Jeolla Province, bringing together over 43,000 young Scouts from 159 countries around the world. The World Jamboree, which is held every four years, will continue through Aug. 12 at the 8.84-square-kilometer campsite on the country's west coast.
4.6 mil. foreigners visit Korea in 1st half, up 5 times year-on-year
The number of foreign nationals who visited Korea in the first half of the year stood at 4.63 million, a more than fivefold increase from 890,000 a year earlier, according to the Ministry of Justice, Friday. Also, the figure has already exceeded the entire number of those who visited the country last year, 3.39 million.
Government to integrate administration of kindergartens, nurseries
The government will push to integrate the supervision of nurseries and kindergartens by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Education, respectively, in a bid to unify state management of children's education and daycare.
K-water joins Ukraine reconstruction as follow-up action to Yoon's promises
The Korea Water Resources Corp. (K-water) has become the first Korean public institution to join reconstruction projects for Ukraine, paving the way for enhanced cooperation between the two nations.
Government expands financial support for multiple births
The government has decided to expand support for medical expenses and other welfare measures for multiple pregnancies, as the ratio of multiple births has risen recently, the Ministry of Health and Welfare announced, Thursday.
Gov't faces growing calls to overhaul parent-teacher communication channels
The government is facing growing calls to improve channels of communication between parents and teachers after a young elementary school teacher committed suicide inside her classroom recently, shedding light on the suffering of many educators from excessive complaints made by demanding parents.
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