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Reporter : Park Ji-won
Wed, May 18, 2022 | 21:16
Renovated National Theater of Korea optimized for Korean traditional sound
The Haeoreum Grand Theater of the National Theater of Korea (NTOK) is set to open after a four-year renovation with facilities more conducive to Korean traditional music. The first large repair of the theater since 1973 focused on boosting sound quality and stage construction, by spending 65.8 billion won ($58 million).
[INTERVIEW] Comic artist Won Soo-yeon talks about reprint of 'Full House' manhwa
Webtoons are now the most popular way to read comic books in Korea. But back in the 1990s and the early 2000s, there were only printed comics, called “manhwa” in Korean, targeting female teens and women in their 20s, largely focused on romance. That genre of comics was called “sunjeong manhwa.” “Sunjeong” means “pure love” in Korean. Other comics about war, sports and action ...
Pansori performance 'Sugung-ga' ('Gwitto' in Korean) offers wisdom amid pandemic
Since last year, “Sugungga,” one of the five existing repertoires of “pansori,” or the Korean genre of musical storytelling, became popular among a wider audience after being partially adopted by an alternative pop band called Leenalchi. The band rose to stardom after successfully leading the country's tourism campaign, “Feel the Rhythm of Korea,” with its addictive music and...
New leader of KBS Orchestra: Korean audiences are passionate, warm-hearted
KBS Symphony Orchestra's new music director, Pietari Inkinen, portrays Koreans as “one of the world's most passionate” audiences.
Korean tidal flats receive preliminary 'defer' status as UNESCO World Heritage
The country's tidal flats received a “deferral” in a preliminary evaluation process to determine potential sites that ...
Production companies clash over 'Les Miserables' concert copyright
Korean production companies are clashing over copyright issues surrounding the concert, “Les Miserables,” four days before it is scheduled to be held in Seoul and Busan from May 15 to 23. Les Miserable Korea (KCMI), the Korean unit of Cameron Mackintosh (CML), the U.K. production company of the musical “Les Miserables,” released a statement, Monday, claiming that the concert ...
Lee Ae-ju, master of religious folk dance Seungmu, dies at 73
Lee Ae-ju, a cultural icon of the pro-democracy movement in the 1970s and 1980s and master of religious folk dance Seungmu, died of cancer, Monday. She was 73.
Choi Young-chang named chairman of Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation
The Cultural Heritage Administration has named Choi Young-chang as new chairman of the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation, according to the organization Monday. Choi, a former reporter for daily Munhwa Ilbo newspaper (1992-2013), research chief at the Overseas Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation (2013-2015) and director of the Jinju National Museum (2015-2020), will lead the ...
Pandemic-hit ballet companies lay off dancers, relocate to cut costs
Korea's ballet companies have begun to reshuffle their personnel and relocate to cut costs as the lingering pandemic threatens their survival.
Korean traditional tale 'Chunhyangjeon' told as comic opera
Opera has not been one of the most popular stage performances in Korea. Of course, performances of Grammy-winning renowned soprano Jo Su-mi quickly sell out, but very few music lovers who have ordinarily enjoyed classical music choose to consume the genre while still many prefer popular musicals, plays or traditional performances. However, romantic comedy opera “The Chunhyang...