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Reporter : Lee Hyo-jin
Wed, May 25, 2022 | 12:56
Gov't to decide whether to extend social distancing measures next week
The government will decide whether to extend the current social distancing measures depending on the COVID-19 situation next week, as the country continues to see record-breaking numbers of critically ill patients.
Korea seeks to secure additional COVID-19 pills from Pfizer
The Korean government seeks to secure an additional supply of Pfizer's oral COVID-19 treatment, after the pill became the first oral antiviral drug to have been cleared by the U.S. drug regulator during the pandemic. “We are closely discussing with Pfizer supply deals additional to the pills for 70,000 people that we have already purchased,” Kim Ok-soo, a senior official at t...
Medical workers call for more personnel at COVID-19 hospitals
Medical workers are calling on the government to increase personnel for treatment of COVID-19 patients, as hospitals continue to grapple with unrelenting numbers of critically ill patients. They argue that the administration's recent measures to secure additional intensive care unit (ICU) beds will do little to resolve the current crisis, without expanding the number of healt...
Omicron variant likely to become dominant strain in Korea
The Omicron variant of the coronavirus is likely to replace the Delta variant to become the dominant strain in Korea, health officials said Tuesday. Health authorities here are on high alert, as the country saw its biggest spike in the number of Omicron cases on Monday, following the identification of the first cases in the country on Dec. 1. The Korea Disease Control and Pre...
Controversy rises over AI-based facial recognition program used to track COVID-19 patients
Controversy is arising over a Bucheon local government pilot project to combine AI-based facial recognition technology with thousands of surveillance cameras installed in the region to use in the contact tracing of COVID-19 patients. While the local government expects that the new system will help carry out swifter and more accurate epidemiological investigations, civic group...
Omicron detected in 4 people administered with booster shots
Four people have tested positive for the Omicron variant, even after receiving COVID-19 booster shots, prompting concerns that the inoculations may not offer protection from the new strain where three doses were previously thought to be sufficient.
Migrant workers' rights groups stage rally demanding better treatment
Hundreds of migrant workers and local activists marched down the streets of central Seoul, Sunday, staging a rally calling for better working and living conditions and the eradication of discrimination. The event, co-organized by over 20 migrant workers' support groups including the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Social and Labor Affairs Committee of the Jogye Order of...
61 lawmakers awarded by Sunfull Foundation for using positive, respectful language
Sixty-one lawmakers were awarded by Sunfull Foundation for their use of positive language and words during legislative meetings, according to the foundation. The awards ceremony organized by the nonprofit anti-cyberbullying foundation took place at Seoul Garden Hotel, Thursday.
Fine dust blankets Seoul
The sky over central Seoul is clouded with fine dust, Thursday, when ultrafine dust concentration levels reached “bad” in most parts of the country. While the dust is expected to clear up in most regions by Friday, a cold wave is forecast to grip the nation, with Seoul's morning lows hitting minus 5 degrees Celsius. The cold spell will continue through Sunday. Yon...
Korea's COVID-19 crisis likely to persist despite stricter distancing curbs: experts
The government's latest social distancing measures, reintroduced in response to the country's worst ever COVID-19 crisis, may do little to contain the spread of the coronavirus by the year's end, according to medical experts. As the country continues to struggle with its biggest surge in infections since the pandemic outbreak, the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures H...