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Wed, May 25, 2022 | 12:27
Human rights organizations call for 'prudent review' of 'fake news' bill
Human rights watchdogs in Korea and abroad have expressed concerns over the controversial “fake news” bill, saying that it could limit the voice of the media and freedom of expression.
Will use of leftover vaccines for second shot help curb ever-growing cases?
The government has decided to allow the use of leftover COVID-19 vaccines for second shots, in a bid to speed up its vaccination drive amid the unrelenting increases in coronavirus infections nationwide. Leftover vaccines refer to spare doses that have become available after someone canceled or did not show up for their appointment. Eligible recipients can book the slot for a...
Korea urged to improve support for LGBT students
Kim Do-hyun, a 25-year-old transgender male, remembers the day when a classmate in his middle school, after watching a film in class portraying a same-sex relationship, said, “All homosexuals should be shot dead.” The remarks left him trembling with rage, so he had to leave the classroom and calm down outside.
Chuseok delivery
Red Cross workers carrying relief kits packed with daily necessities walk up the stairs in a residential area of Busan, Monday, to deliver them to impoverished people ahead of the upcoming Chuseok long weekend, which runs from Sept. 18 to 22. Yonhap
Afghans enjoying activities after self-quarantine
Afghan evacuees enjoy outdoor activities on a playing field at the Leadership Campus of the National Human Resources Development Institute in Jincheon, North Chungcheong Province, Monday, after they underwent two weeks of self-quarantine following their arrival in Korea late last month. Afghans who had helped the Korean government's activities in the country and their family ...
Backlash growing over mosque construction in Daegu
A conflict is deepening over the construction of a two-story mosque in a residential district of Daegu, the nation's third-largest city located in the southeastern region of the country. Some residents, worried that the mosque would lead to stronger Islamic influence in the area, have been strongly opposing the construction, whereas the Islamic community and civic groups supp...
1st-shot vaccination rate to top 70 percent this week
Korea is expected to reach its goal of inoculating 70 percent of its population with at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by the end of this week, according to the health authorities.
Seoul subway workers' strike imminent
A union at an operator of part of Seoul's subway system plans to wage a strike from Tuesday as talks between it and management have remained stalled over the last few weeks. Unionized workers at Seoul Metro already threatened to stage a walkout in early August to protest a proposed restructuring plan that included employee layoffs and a wage freeze. They are demanding that th...
Migrant groups to lodge human rights petition on exclusion from disaster relief fund
Migrants' rights groups here are demanding the government pay COVID-19 disaster relief money to all foreign residents without discrimination, as a vast majority of them have once again been excluded from the financial support program. A coalition of such groups is planning to lodge a petition with the National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK) today, claiming that uneq...
Controversy arises over move to allow singles to adopt children
A controversy is arising over the government's move to allow single people to legally adopt children, with the decision being welcomed by those who agree on the need to recognize diverse forms of family, while others express concerns over possible child abuse by the adoptive parent. The Ministry of Justice announced Monday a plan to amend the law to allow an adult who is sing...