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Reporter : Kim Se-jeong
Sun, March 26, 2023 | 06:09
Seoul narrows in on new slogan
What will Seoul's new promotional slogan be? The Seoul Metropolitan Government is still in the process of selecting one among four.
Taxi passengers in Seoul taken aback by fare increase
As the base taxi fare in Seoul reached 4,800 won, Wednesday, 1,000 won higher than the day before, many passengers expressed their surprise.
Seoul city council under fire for sexual conduct guidelines for teachers
The Seoul Metropolitan Council has come under fire after it released a new education ordinance proposal stating sexual conduct guidelines for teachers and students.
Garbage collector mistakes sex doll for corpse
While the increasing imports of sex dolls serve to comfort lonely men in Korea, they're also frightening some men, particularly garbage collectors.
Popular travel YouTuber recalls painful memories of being bullied at school
As the hit Netflix series “The Glory” brings the issue of school bullying back into the spotlight, a famous travel YouTuber recently came forward to share his experiences of being bullied when he was in school.
Remembering Homer Hulbert
Hulbert Memorial Society Chairman Kim Dong-jin, second from right, pays tribute to Homer Hulbert (1863-1949), an American missionary and educator who supported Korea's independence from Japan, during an event to commemorate the 73th anniversary of his death, Seoul, Wednesday. Hulbert first came to the Korean Peninsula in 1886 and died in 1949 in Seoul. He is buried at Yanghwa...
Remembering Homer Hulbert
Kim Dong-jin, left, chairman of the Hulbert Memorial Society, shows a new book full of writings by Homer Hulbert, an American educator who supported Korea's independence from Japan, during an event in Seoul, Tuesday, to commemorate the 72th anniversary of his death. Hulbert first ...
Hulbert Society discloses NY Times articles on 1905 Eulsa Treaty
On Nov. 17, 1905, the Japan-Korea Protectorate Treaty, also known as Eulsa Treaty, was made between the Japanese Empire and the Korean Empire. As is known, the treaty which enabled Japan's annexation was forced on the Korean Empire “at the point of the sword” and Emperor Gojong, along with others, fought unsuccessfully to nullify it.
COVID-19 fears lingering
On the second day of the new social distancing scheme in place, Korea's daily COVID-19 cases bounced back to over 100, rekindling fears of another wave of infections. According to the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA), Korea reported 143 new COVID-19 cases, Saturday, pushing up the total number of cases to 27,427. The death toll was 478.
Korea sees rising hatred against women
On Oct. 21, a young woman sent a tweet warning women of getting random sprays near Gangnam Station in Seoul.
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