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Reporter : Kim Se-jeong
Mon, May 29, 2023 | 17:45
Many churches open to celebrate Easter
Many protestant churches in Korea opened to hold Easter services, the most important holiday for Christians who celebrate the story of the resurrection of Jesus, on Sunday, despite ongoing government warnings against gatherings.
Korea set to deport more quarantine rule violators
The Ministry of Justice said Thursday that three Vietnamese nationals will be deported for violating self-quarantine rules, the second deportation in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic. More cases could follow after the government pledged to take stern measures against foreigners who violate the restrictions. “No exceptions will be made,” the ministry said. On Wednesday, a...
Noryangjin cram schools no exception to coronavirus pandemic
A busy district of Noryanjin, Seoul, filled with cram schools was empty Thursday after a case of COVID-19 was reported at one of them.
COVID-19 blues? Look into Seoul's therapeutic gardening programs
For those practicing social distancing, working from home, or having an extended school vacation, the joys of remaining at home are starting to wear thin.
Confusion continues over online classes
Teachers, parents and students were still unsure about what to expect from upcoming online classes, Wednesday, a day before the start of the unprecedented online-only spring semester for high school students and middle school seniors.
Seoul orders shutdown of all bars, clubs
Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon ordered the shutdown of all room salons, clubs, bars and discos across the city until April 19, Wednesday, after a coronavirus infection was reported at a room salon in the affluent Gangnam district.
Gov't debates electronic tagging devices for people in self-quarantine
The government said Tuesday it was debating over forcing those undergoing the two weeks of self-quarantine to wear electronic tagging wristbands as more people have been caught defying the regulation designed to help curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The debate has raised some concerns over whether it would constitute an unconstitutional invasion of privacy despite it...
Outdoor recruitment
Human resources officials from the East Sea Coast Guard test applicants' physical strength during a recruitment process in Donghae, Gangwon Province, Tuesday. The examination usually takes place indoors but was moved outdoors this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. /Yonhap
'Disaster income' hinges on health insurance payments
A single person who pays up to 88,334 won in their monthly national health insurance subscription will be eligible to receive 400,000 won. A two-person household must pay up to 150,025 won to receive 600,000 won; for a three-person household the figures are 195,200 won and 800,000 won; while a four-member household must pay 237,652 won to receive 1 million won. These numbers ...
'It's still too early to ease social distancing'
Prime Minister Chung Sei-kyun said Thursday it was too early to ease the nationwide campaign to encourage “strict” social distancing as coronavirus infections continue to rise here at home and exponentially abroad. Chung hinted that the government will continue to promote the campaign well into April.