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Reporter : Kim Se-jeong
Thu, September 21, 2023 | 23:56
Gov't debates electronic tagging devices for people in self-quarantine
The government said Tuesday it was debating over forcing those undergoing the two weeks of self-quarantine to wear electronic tagging wristbands as more people have been caught defying the regulation designed to help curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The debate has raised some concerns over whether it would constitute an unconstitutional invasion of privacy despite it...
Outdoor recruitment
Human resources officials from the East Sea Coast Guard test applicants' physical strength during a recruitment process in Donghae, Gangwon Province, Tuesday. The examination usually takes place indoors but was moved outdoors this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. /Yonhap
'Disaster income' hinges on health insurance payments
A single person who pays up to 88,334 won in their monthly national health insurance subscription will be eligible to receive 400,000 won. A two-person household must pay up to 150,025 won to receive 600,000 won; for a three-person household the figures are 195,200 won and 800,000 won; while a four-member household must pay 237,652 won to receive 1 million won. These numbers ...
'It's still too early to ease social distancing'
Prime Minister Chung Sei-kyun said Thursday it was too early to ease the nationwide campaign to encourage “strict” social distancing as coronavirus infections continue to rise here at home and exponentially abroad. Chung hinted that the government will continue to promote the campaign well into April.
Olympic medalist listed as 'bad father'
Kim Dong-sung, a short track speed skater who won Olympic medals, was featured on a private blog that posts a list of “bad fathers” who failed to provide child support.
Teachers, parents skeptical about online classes
Many teachers, parents and students have raised concerns that the unprecedented online classes, scheduled to start April 9 for the country's elementary, middle and high schools, will not be ready to offer lectures without a hitch.
'I want my tuition back'
University students stage a protest in front of the Korean Association of Private University Presidents in Seoul, Wednesday, asking their tuitions to be reimbursed. Amid the new coronavirus outbreak, many universities shut their campuses down and offered online lectures but many students said they didn't like them.
Judge recuses himself in sex exploitation case
A lower court judge in Seoul initially assigned to hear one of the cases involving a suspect accused of selling access to violent sexual videos on Telegram recused himself Monday amid mounting public pressure against him.
Chief prosecutor featured in Russian magazine
Prosecutor Hwang Cheol-kyu, 55, who heads the International Association of Prosecutors (IAP), has been featured on the cover of the latest issue of the Russian magazine, “Prosecutor.”
Infections at cram schools stokes fears among students, parents
A teacher at a Seoul private cram school targeting university students wishing to transfer to another university was among new COVID-19 patients, stoking fears among students who attended the institute and their parents, according to the health authorities, Monday.