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Reporter : Kim Se-jeong
Tue, October 3, 2023 | 07:25
Korea urged to improve rights of children of illegal aliens
Born in 2001 in Korea, Seo graduated from a high school in February but couldn't go to university because she wasn't eligible to take the annual scholastic aptitude test because of her illegal status. Both her parents are undocumented immigrants. “I feel discouraged to see my friends going on to universities but not me. I feel like giving up all the hope,” said Seo who refuse...
Tearful reunion after 44 years
A 78-year-old woman was reunited with her 47-year-old daughter who went missing 44 years ago in Seoul, in an emotional video meeting on Friday that connected Korea and the U.S.
4 incineration plants lead Seoul's household waste management
From delivery boxes to toilet paper, food waste, recyclable items and plastic items - domestic waste refers to all types of waste produced by households.
New virus infections bounce back to triple digits
The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) said Tuesday that 102 new COVID-19 infections were reported for Monday, a return to triple-digit cases on the day social distancing guidelines were eased and reigniting concerns that it was too early to lift the restrictions. On Monday, the social distancing guidelines were lowered to Level 1 allowing people to pursue nor...
Gov't push with anti-abortion laws triggers opposition movement online
The Korean government's current focus on abortion laws has triggered women here to launch an online movement under the hashtag #IHadAnAbortion.
Outbreaks feared to continue after Chuseok
Korea's daily COVID-19 total was 69 on Wednesday, returning to double digits after spiking over 100 the previous day. While many people began showing relief that more mass infections following the Chuseok holiday may no longer be a worry, several medical experts, including Dr. Kim Woo-joo from Korea University Guro Hospital in Seoul, said infections linked to the holiday have...
Visa denied again for Korean American singer, despite top court's decision
The Korean consulate general in Los Angeles turned down the latest visa application filed by Korean American singer Yoo Seung-jun - also known as Steve Yoo - despite the Korean top court's decision last year to grant him entry, according to Yoo's lawyers.
Free flu shots likely to resume on Oct. 12
The government said Tuesday it is planning to resume its free flu vaccination program on Oct. 12 as vaccines exposed to room temperature during transport in September have turned out to be safe.
Car accidents, domestic violence down during Chuseok holiday
Car accidents and domestic violence usually increase during holidays in Korea, but this Chuseok saw both down - possibly due to COVID-19 - according to the National Police Agency (NPA), Sunday.
Will mass coronavirus infections hit Korea after Chuseok holiday?
With new daily COVID-19 cases mostly remaining below 100 during the Chuseok holiday, some people have begun to feel optimistic that the coronavirus pandemic may finally be under control here and another mass outbreak is less likely to occur.
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