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Reporter : Kim Se-jeong
Thu, December 7, 2023 | 22:32
In-car protests introduced amid pandemic
In response to the rising public criticism after the Aug. 15 rallies, some anti-government protesters have chosen an alternative way to make their voices heard ― while staying in their cars.
Plant breeder who fought starvation in Africa writes about origins of plants
Hahn Sang-ki, 87, is a world-famous plant breeder.
Medical students to end boycott of licensing exam
Senior medical students who have boycotted the national license exam said Thursday they will end the boycott, a move viewed by the medical community as appropriate after it had raised concern over a possible shortage of doctors next year amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
Flu vaccine crisis looming large amid pandemic
A flu vaccine crisis is looming after the government's temporary halt of a free vaccination program created panic among the public, Wednesday, with people rushing to pay for flu shots nationwide. Pediatric clinics were especially busy dealing with parents asking about paying for flu shots for their children. Other clinics were also busy fielding similar inquiries, with some s...
Foreigners see restrictions on real estate investment as 'scapegoating'
The Gyeonggi Province government's plan to impose regulations on foreign real estate investors is drawing a backlash from many who view it as discrimination. According to a local government official, the regulations which may go into effect as early as mid-October will require foreign residential home buyers to receive a permit from a local district office before signing a co...
Justice minister again refutes alleged personal request for extended military leave for son
Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae said Thursday neither she nor her husband had personally called the military to request preferential extended leave for their son during his mandatory military service in 2017.
KCDA says free flu shots for all an impossibility
As flu season approaches, the possibility of free flu vaccinations for the country's entire population has been on the lips of politicians.
490,000 students take mock CSAT amid COVID-19
Around 490,000 high school seniors took a mock College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) in 3,000 schools and 428 private cram schools across Korea, Wednesday, amid lingering concern over the spread of COVID-19.
Tall, tiny house: Couple's solution to owning home in Seoul
Thirty three square meters of land doesn't seem big enough to build a house on. But architect and educator Choi Min-wook designed a five-story residential building for himself, his wife and their cat on a tiny plot of land in the heart of Seoul.
Child porn makers could face over 29 years in prison
The independent Sentencing Commission under the Supreme Court proposed new guidelines Tuesday that will allow judges to hand down prison terms of up to 29 years and three months for those found guilty of creating sexually exploitative content.
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