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Sun, December 3, 2023 | 20:10
Justice minister slammed by senior prosecutor in open letter
Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae was openly criticized Monday by an incumbent senior prosecutor for her recent reshuffling of top prosecutors. Jung Hee-do, a senior prosecutor at the Supreme Prosecutors' Office in Seoul, posted an open letter on the prosecution's intranet bulletin board denouncing Choo.
Air Force urged to stop head-shaving recruits
The nation's human rights watchdog recommended the Korean Air Force to stop making new trainees shave their heads, Monday, saying the practice is an excessive restriction on the soldiers' rights. Unlike counterparts in the Korean army and navy, air force recruits are required to completely shave their heads during the month-long training period.
Women's groups decry top court decision on #MeToo case
Women's rights groups in Korea condemned the top court's decision to revoke a lower court ruling that jailed a senior prosecutor in a high-profile #MeToo case.
Fewer North Koreans defect to South
The number of North Korean defections to South Korea continues to decrease due to higher risk and rising broker fees at the North Korea-China border, according to data from the Ministry of Unification Thursday.
Repercussion expected after prosecution reshuffle
Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae's decision to reassign chief prosecutors who were leading investigations into President Moon Jae-in's aides is being called “political revenge” by members of the prosecution and the legal community.
Korea Racing Authority under scrutiny over jockey suicides
The government should thoroughly investigate the employment practices of the Korea Racing Authority (KRA) following a series of jockey suicides at the Busan-Gyeongnam Horse Racing Park, according to bereaved families and critics Wednesday.
Jin Air reeling from prolonged gov't sanctions
Jin Air has been struggling with continued government sanctions as it is unable to acquire new flight routes and expand its fleet, according to industry officials Wednesday.
New additions to Seoul's 'Future Heritage' list
On Dec. 30, Seoul Metropolitan Government announced 16 new additions to its annually updated Future Heritage list. They include a host of old art galleries and novels set in an older Seoul. In this round of evaluations, two restaurants, a marinated beef dish and an iconic building that once housed the literary magazine Saemteo made the cut.
Seoul to implement record number of transport projects in 2020
This year we will see a lot of exciting developments improving transport in Seoul. There will be subway extensions, walking improvement activities, cycling infrastructure expansions and many more projects. This article gives an overview of major projects for 2020.
Chongshin, Sungkyul, Hannam Unis under fire for hiring discrimination
Three Christian universities here are facing growing criticism after rejecting a recommendation by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK) to hire non-Christian faculty members, according to the nation's human rights watchdog, Tuesday.
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