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Mon, December 11, 2023 | 11:41
Seoul City, startups to debut at 2020 CES
Seoul City's big data administrative technology and products from Korean startups will be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week, the city said Sunday. This will be the first time for the city government to open its own showcase venue and for a Seoul mayor to participate in the largest consumer electronics trade show in the U.S. This year's event runs fro...
YouTube, breeding ground for Korea's far right
A loose network of dozens of young, mostly male YouTubers who play hosts at YouTube's most vibrant community - the far right. Their channels feed right-wing news commentary and worldviews to hundreds of thousands of viewers.
Two men steal anonymous charity donation in Jeonju
Two men in their 30s were detained for stealing a 60 million won ($51,880) charity donation left at a local community center in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province, police said, Monday. The news shocked the public as the money was given by an anonymous donor whom local residents call “an angel without a face.”
'Stop Femicide': Women return to streets to mourn K-pop stars' death
Masked and dressed in black, hundreds of women filled the street next to Hyehwa's Marronnier Park again, Saturday - this time to mourn the deaths of K-pop idols Sulli and Goo Ha-ra. Protesters claim Korea's patriarchal society is responsible for the suicides, calling the deaths “social murders.”
Court rejects constitutionality ruling for 2015 'comfort women' deal
Following almost four years of deliberation, the Constitutional Court turned down a constitutional challenge, Friday, over a controversial 2015 deal between Seoul and Tokyo on former sex slaves who were taken to Japanese military brothels during World War II.
An uphill battle against anti-Korean hate speech in Japan
Ku now represents the board of Kyoto Korean Schools against Hitoshi Nishimura, the former executive of Zaitokukai who held a one-person hate speech rally in 2017 near the site where the Kyoto No. 1 Korean Elementary School closed due to a 2009 attack by anti-Korean ultranationalists.
Pengsoo to attend New Year bell-ringing ceremony at Bosingak
Pengsoo, the genderless giant penguin and mega-hit cartoon character, will ring the bell at Bosingak to welcome the New Year, along with 10 other figures of the year, according to Seoul City, Thursday. Bosingak is a pavilion in central Seoul where the annual New Year bell-ringing ceremony is held.
Cities of light: winter escape to Poland
POLAND - Wet, freezing and mostly dark, winter in Poland poses challenging conditions for travelers. The sun sets around 3:30 p.m., after which layers of clothes provide little defense from the stinging cold. Yet winter is the best time to enjoy urban illuminations in Polish cities. Whole squares and streets are decked with Christmas lights from early December. But the cold i...
'Not in my backyard': Residents tell NK defector school
Eunpyeong-gu, a residential district at the foot of Mount Bukhan in northwestern Seoul, prides itself as Seoul's geographic “reunification base” with North Korea. But when it comes to special schools for young North Korean defectors, some residents want no part in the grand vision.
Bodies recall Gwangju's bloody history
Some 40 unidentified bodies found at the former site of a prison in Gwangju have reopened an investigation into dozens of disappearances during one of modern Korea's bloodiest political events.
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