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Sun, December 3, 2023 | 19:40
Public housing to be increased for singles
The government will ramp up public housing and other social services for single-person households next year, according to President Moon Jae-in's economic policy meeting with ministers and senior secretaries, Thursday.
Civic groups appeal ban on books sent to prisons
On Nov. 27, Yang paid one of her regular visits to Song Sang-yun, a conscientious objector detained in Uijeongbu Detention Center since August. The guards, however, refused to deliver her books to Song. The change followed a justice ministry announcement Nov. 11 saying it would ban private book deliveries into detention facilities.
New outdoor public ice rink to open on Nodeul Island
Seoul City will open a new outdoor public ice rink on Nodeul Island this Saturday, the city government said, Tuesday. The 50-meter-by-30-meter rink will be set up on an open field at the new music-themed cultural complex on the western half of Nodeul Island, which was opened in September. The site, used as an outdoor live music venue in warmer months, offers stunning riversid...
Reclaiming Seoul's underground spaces
Mini-gardens have become synonymous with urban regeneration projects in Seoul. Some, like the new solar garden at Jonggak Station on Seoul Metro Line 1, are popping up underground. The solar garden - small but claimed to be the world's first solar-powered subterranean park - opened in an underground passageway at Jonggak Station last Friday.
'Family care' leaves to be available starting 2020
Employees will be able to take up to 10 days off every year to take care of sick family members, following new regulations that will take effect Jan. 1, the Ministry of Employment and Labor said, Tuesday. The government endorsed the revision of the relevant enforcement ordinance of the Act on the Equal Employment of Both Sexes in a Cabinet meeting to help workers balance work...
Plan to extend visa waiver entries raises immigration worries
The government's plan to extend visa waiver policies to tourists from Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia is raising concerns about a possible influx of undocumented immigrants. The plan - extending the five-day mainland visa waiver to group tourists from the three Southeast Asian countries whose final destination is Jeju Island - was unveiled Thursday.
Ex-dictator Chun seen at lavish luncheon on coup anniv.
Former President Chun Doo-hwan was spotted participating in a lavish luncheon with longtime aides from his dictatorial rule of South Korea, Thursday, the 40th anniversary of his 1979 military coup, according to a video clip released by Justice Party deputy leader Lim Han-sol.
New public library, concert hall planned for Seoul by 2025
Seoul will open a new public library and a concert hall by 2025 in the eastern and western corners of the metropolis, the city announced, Thursday.
Migrant workers paid in paper coupons by farm employer
Dozens of migrant workers at farms in Yeongcheon, North Gyeongsang Province, have been cheated out of their wages by their employer with fake cash coupons since last year, according to a local migrant workers' rights group.
When justice systems fail to protect women
In Korea the reality is that many victims are frustrated with the conservative and male-dominated judiciary's decisions that are very lenient toward male sex-crime offenders, and in some case the court processes themselves cause the victims more emotional damage. It is not easy for a sexual violence victim to decide to bring their case to the court and continue a legal battle...
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