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Sun, December 3, 2023 | 19:05
IB program to be offered in Korean at Jeju high school
A high school on Jeju Island will start offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) in Korean starting 2022, according to the Jeju Provincial Office of Education, Monday. It said Pyoseon High School was chosen as the first school to implement a Korean-language IBDP here.
S. Korea eases visa rules for industry, academic professionals
Visa issuance requirements will be eased for foreigners with specialized skills in specific fields, and academic professionals planning to teach here, while companies failing to pay the appropriate taxes will not be allowed to invite foreign workers until they do so, according to the government, Monday.
Universities lack suicide prevention system
A law student at Ewha Womans University was found dead on campus in an apparent suicide last week. The circumstances surrounding the sequence of events before her death showed it could have been prevented if more attention had been given or quicker measures had been taken. The incident served as a reminder of the lack of preparedness and support system for high-risk students ...
Foundation sets up scholarship at Korean school in Vietnam
The Asia Development Foundation (ADF), a nonprofit organization, and COBI Group, a private real estate and construction materials firm, have jointly set up a scholarship fund for disadvantaged students at Korea International School (KIS) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Geumcheon employees build 'smart covers' for storm drains
Employees of Geumcheon-gu Office, southwestern Seoul, have invented what they claim to be the nation's first “smart covers” for storm drains. These street-side drains often get clogged by leaves or trash, causing the drains to smell and making them ineffective at times of flooding. Lids for the drains provide a manual solution, but become a nuisance during sudden downpours.
Seoul expands social services for single-person households
One in three households in Seoul - around 1.2 million - contain just one occupant. Over the past few months, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has been channeling more resources to policies that benefit these single-person households. In October, it announced a five-year policy plan to provide better social and economic support for the increasing demographic group.
Debate rises over military uniforms at political rallies
The wearing of military uniforms in public - especially at a political rally - is a criminal offense in Korea and people doing so can be fined up to 100,000 won ($85). Exceptions only apply for a veteran attending an official military ceremony or for people undergoing training. The wearing of non-camouflage dress uniforms is also allowed at relatives' weddings and funerals.
Boeing opens research center in Seoul
Aerospace manufacturer Boeing officially launched its new research center in Seoul, Friday, vowing to employ local talent in Fourth Industrial Revolution sectors such as autonomous flights and smart cabins.
Tighter press control at the prosecutors' office causes stir
Local media are up in arms over a new set of guidelines issued by the Ministry of Justice to prosecutors' offices nationwide aimed at keeping tighter control of information given to the press. Among them one orders the offices to deny information access to journalists who report “fake news.”
Experts discuss legal groundwork for smart city development
“All over the world, nations are turning to the 'smart city' as a solution to various urban problems,” Government Legislation Minister Kim Hyung-yun said in an interview with The Korea Times at The Plaza Seoul hotel before the symposium. “But many Asian countries are not yet equipped with the legislation needed to support such ventures.”
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