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Reporter : Yi Whan-woo
Tue, May 30, 2023 | 14:24
Exhibition showcases new customs clearance technologies
More than a dozen technological labs, engineering schools and businesses participating in Korea Customs Week 2023 are showcasing up-to-date technology that can make customs clearance more efficient and better safeguard borders across the world.
Korea Customs Week anticipated to bolster favorable environment for exporters
Korea hopes to foster a favorable trade environment for exporters through Korea Customs Week 2023, a three-day international gathering in Seoul that discusses ways to lower tariff barriers, the chief of the country's customs regulatory body said Wednesday.
Korean economy avoids recession in Q1 on improved private spending
The Korean economy grew 0.3 percent in the first quarter of 2023 from three months earlier, thanks to an increase in private spending that helped the trade-reliant economy escape recession amid a prolonged slowdown in exports.
Korea to host international meeting on post-pandemic customs policies
The Korea Customs Service (KCS) will host an international meeting in Seoul from Wednesday to Friday, with the aim of bolstering cooperation in customs policies across borders to grapple with the changes brought on by the pandemic to the trade environment.
Banks step up efforts to improve digital literacy of elderly customers
Major commercial banks are bolstering efforts to offer customized services for senior citizens who find adapting to digital banking service platforms difficult amid a sharp decline in the number of offline bank branches.
Global sugar price hike prompts concerns over domino effect in Korea
Global sugar prices are increasing sharply, prompting speculation that the cost of bread, ice cream, confectionary, soda and other sugar-based food and beverages in Korea will continue to go up due to the lingering effects of inflation.
Hana opens nursing room at bank branch to help tackle low birth rate
Hana Financial Group has opened a nursing room for pregnant women and new moms as a part of its broader strategy to tackle the nation's low birth rate and rapid population decline, the banking group announced on Sunday.
Delay in utility fee hikes feared to disrupt fiscal soundness
The government is apparently in a dilemma over whether it should raise utility fees, as it needs to balance easing the cost of living with curbing the snowballing debts of state-run energy companies. More than two weeks into the second quarter of the year, the government is still considering a possible price hike for this quarter on electricity and gas amid lingering concerns...
Customs agency on campaign against drugs, illegal imports
The Korea Customs Service (KCS) said Tuesday it has joined a massive campaign led by the government aimed at drug-related crime, drug trafficking and the punishment and rehabilitation of persons addicted to drugs.
Will government extend tax cut on fuel?
The government is anticipated to extend the years-long tax cut on fuel again later this week, to lessen the burden on people's livelihoods as global oil prices are back on an upward trajectory over supply uncertainty. However, the maximum legal cap for fuel tax is likely to be lowered by a smaller margin compared to before, as the government also needs to grapple with a massi...
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